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We are an official dealer of the London Electric Vehicle Company 

LEVC roots were planted in 1908. A heritage which started in the professional taxi trade has seen us build vehicles with an unrivalled blend of performance, functionality and craftsmanship.

Today as LEVC we have been transformed from a traditional vehicle manufacturer, into a modern electric vehicle company. Once only synonymous with London, we now operate a green global footprint; with a manufacturing facility and Head Quarters in Ansty, England, European sales office in Frankfurt, and operations across Europe and key overseas markets.

Electric Drive. No Range-Anxiety.

All LEVC products are equipped with innovative eCity technology.

With a fully electric drivetrain, innovative eCity technology offer true zero-emissions capability, while at the same time eliminating range-anxiety.

LEVC products are classified as Range-Extended Electric Vehicles (REEV). In essence, they are Battery Electric Vehicles – driven exclusively by electricity – that feature an additional on-board generator (a small 1.5 litre petrol engine), known as a Range-Extender. This provides greater usability and flexibility than pure electric operation.

When required, the Range-Extender recharges the Drive Battery, which in turn powers the electric Drive Motor that drives the wheels.

Always electrically driven, there is no connection between the Range-Extender and the electric Drive Motor. The Range-Extender only acts as a power source to provide electricity to the Drive Battery, extending the driving range.

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