The Electric Ducato reviewed by The Sun Newspaper

  • Fiat Professional renowned Electric Ducato is gaining traction and recognition from all angles including the Sun Newspaper Online who have reviewed the Electric Ducato Van. 

    The E-Ducato’s popularity may be largely due to the fact that it marks a turning point in the name of sustainability. And it does so without denying its DNA: an engine with 122 horsepower perfectly aimed at urban use, a maximum range of up to 370 km and up to 17 cubic meters of volume and 1,910 kilos of range.

    The title of the article is “TEST AND TRACE Fiat E-Ducato review: There’s less stress driving in Fiat’s electric van”, the review starts by stating that “…here is something we’ve never really considered before: An electric van might actually be better for your HEALTH.

    To find out, we called in the experts for a little experiment:

    Drive a set route around London in a battery-powered Fiat E-Ducato ... then do it again in a diesel Ducato to see which was more stressful."

    The Electric Ducato is available to purchase from us at visit our homepage (link to website) and view under new vans.

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