• From 7th June 2019

    The New MY20 Ducato is available with a choice of Euro 6D 2.3-litre engines with either 120hp, 140hp, 160hp and 180hp

    • 9-speed automatic transmission available for the first time
    • Three drive modes, Normal, Eco and Power, offer improved performance
    • New ADAS and driving assist systems, including full brake control, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition, for added driver and pedestrian safety
    • The latest-generation infotainment including Apple Car Play and Android Auto from September
    • Pricing starts at £24,670 excl. VAT for 2.3 Multijet 120hp

    The best-selling Fiat Professional vehicle, the Ducato, has been updated for MY20 with a range of improved Euro6D engines, a new 9-Speed automatic transmission with latest-generation torque converter, advanced ADAS driving assist systems, the latest-generation infotainment system and revised exterior.

    The Fiat Ducato is one of the most versatile vehicles on the market with class leading payload, volume and axle loads combined with an extensive choice of wheelbase, length and height variants making it suitable for everything from carrying passengers, to making deliveries and refrigerated vehicles to camping. It has been the European market leader for the last five years, as well as the leading vehicle as a base for motorhomes in Europe, with approximately three in every four motorhomes sold are based on the Fiat Ducato.

    Engines: performance and efficiency

    The engine range has always been one of the many strengths of Fiat Professional Ducato with a comprehensive range suitable for every mission. The Ducato MY20 retains all the features which have proven so popular with customers while offering new power versions which are all Euro 6D compliant.

    The Ducato’s new range of MultiJet 2 engines is loyal to Fiat Professional’s mantra, “one mission-one engine”, with the new industrially-derived 2.3-litre engine with a variable geometry compressor, resulting in a smoother drive, increased flexibility at low speeds and improved fuel consumption, no matter which power output. The engine features a new turbocharger that adapts its fluid dynamics to the speed of the engine and to driving styles thanks to the implementation of a series of mobile blades situated along the radius of the turbine. This controls the flow of exhaust gas and consequently the speed and force of the compressor, to provide the right performance at all times.

    The entry level Ducato produces 120hp from the 2.3-litre MultiJet 2 engine at 2,750rpm with a maximum torque of 320Nm at 1,400rpm. It is teamed with the manual gearbox, which improves power and torque delivery by 10% compared to the previous 2.0-litre engine.

    The 140hp version is versatile and flexible with its 350Nm torque (an increase of 9% compared to the previous 130hp MultiJet engine) available at just 1,400rpm and offered with a choice of 6-speed manual gearbox and the new 9-speed automatic transmission. The 160hp variant reaches peak power output at 3,500rpm and distributes up to 400Nm torque at 1,500rpm in the automatic version. This power unit implements a specific engine shaft with oversized bearings, special pistons and a specific turbocharger to improve performance. The top-end of the range boasts the 180hp version of the 2.3-litre MultiJet engine with peak power coming in at 3,500rpm and 400Nm torque from 1,500 to 3,000rpm, with manual gearbox. Combined with the new 9-speed automatic transmission it produces 450Nm torque, 12% more than the previous model placing it best-in-class in terms of torque in its category.

    The new 9-Speed automatic transmission

    The new 9-speed automatic transmission offers a relaxed and enjoyable driving experience, while optimising consumption levels yet without compromising performance. It is best-in-class in terms of weight in its sector, and it allows for optimum use of driving torque that reaches a record of 450Nm on the 180hp version of the 2.3-litre MultiJet engine.

    The Fiat Professional technicians developed the Ducato MY20 with the 9-Speed automatic transmission so every customer would be able to benefit from the optimised performance and consumption levels no matter the specific task and route. Drivers can choose between three different driving modes: Normal, Eco and Power. The Eco mode provides a smoother acceleration response and a dedicated gear shift pattern to allow for a greater reduction in consumption levels. Switching to Power mode, this delivers a prompt throttle response and gear changes for optimal performance even in tough conditions. The Normal mode balances the economy of Eco mode with the performance of Power mode to provide optimum driving conditions for every situation.

    There are two operating modes, Drive and Autostick. In Drive the control module automatically selects and shifts into gear according to the various driving conditions: speed, load, gradient. In Autostick the driver can manage the gear shifts, so that in challenging conditions, such as on steep slopes, they can retain a lower gear to increase performance levels and avoid overheating.


    The Ducato MY20 comes as standard with the new EcoPack. This includes the Start & Stop system, smart alternator and electronically-controlled fuel pump, which provide energy savings and greater combustion efficiency.

    Drive assist and infotainment

    The Ducato MY20 is the best ever Ducato in every way: technology, safety, ADAS, connectivity and engine line-up. The new range boasts the most sophisticated drive assist systems which allow drivers to have complete control. The following devices and driver aids are available:

    • Blind spot assist (BSA), uses radar sensors installed in the rear bumper to identify approaching vehicles in blind spots.
    • The Rear Cross Path detection (RCP) uses radar sensors to identify vehicles approaching from the side, when the vehicle is reversing.
    • Full brake control (FBC) identifies obstacles and, after checking whether there is imminent danger of collision, alerts the driver and intervenes by automatically triggering emergency braking.
    • Lane departure warning system (LDWS), determines whether the vehicle is leaving the lane, even in poor visibility conditions, and in the event of danger an acoustic and visual signal alerts the driver.
    • Traffic sign recognition uses the on-board camera to recognise speed limits, displaying them on the instrument cluster.
    • High beam recognition manages the main beam headlights, increasing visibility and reducing the risk of dazzling when driving at night, automatically recognising vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.
    • Rain and dusk sensor activates the windscreen wipers and adjusts their speed according to the intensity of rain. The dusk sensor automatically activates the low-beam headlights when required.
    • Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors the pressure of the tyres constantly, indicating any loss in pressure directly on the on-board display.

    A must-have for any genuine professional is the engine idle preset, designed to increase the engine’s minimum revs to power any additional electrical equipment installed on-board. Also new are the more powerful LED Cargo Lights which are available in three different sizes according to the vehicle wheelbase, guarantee efficient lighting in the load area at all times, up to 70 lux in the middle and 40 lux along the perimeter.

    Infotainment with Apple CarPlay integration and compatibility with Android AutoTM

    From the second half of the year, the Ducato MY20 range will further extend the suite of on-board infotainment systems. The new infotainment system is now available with a 7-inch touchscreen by Mopar®, USB port and Radio DAB tuner. The in-built navigation system allows the vehicle’s dimensions to be inputted so that the system can provide routes that avoid streets which are not suitable for the size of the vehicle. A feature that addresses both professionals and motorhome driver’s requirements.

    The new system includes the integration of Apple CarPlay and the compatibility with Android AutoTM.
    Apple CarPlay shows road directions optimised according to traffic conditions and can be used to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and listen to music, audio books and podcasts while remaining focused on the road.  CarPlay also implements Siri voice control that is specifically designed for use when driving. The system is compatible with Android AutoTM as well, to continue the Android experience in the car it "projects" apps and services on to the central display. It is designed to make retrieving information while driving easy and safe. The driver can use Google MapsTM or Waze to obtain route guidance and easily access music, multimedia contents and their favourite messaging apps.

    A commercial vehicle with car-like style

    The style of the Ducato MY20 conveys a strong sense of dynamism, safety, quality and sturdiness, following the concept of "design meets function", a distinguishing feature of this model since 1981. The Ducato’s main styling feature consists in a body that comprises two well-defined volumes: upper and lower. The front pillars integrate with one another through the muscular front grille, which embraces the entire front end of the vehicle along the line of the headlights. The front of the Ducato stands out for its titanium coloured grille and the Piano Black headlight surround. The most vulnerable parts of the vehicle have been protected by plying the muscular structure of the bumpers and bonnet, so as to minimise any repair costs for customers.

    The Fiat Ducato MY20 is available to order now and is priced from £24,670 excl. VAT for the 2.3 Multijet 120hp. For more information on the entire Fiat Professional range, visit


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